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Why Do So Many Graduate Students Quit?

Universities themselves may be contributing to burnout. With half of all doctoral students leaving graduate school without finishing, something significant and overwhelming must be happening for at least some...


Satire as Racial Backlash Against Asian Americans

Imagine for a minute if student leaders at elite college campuses devoted themselves to mocking black people or Jewish people or gay people. I’m not talking about drunk students...


The Costs of ‘Colorblind’

In a closed-door meeting on Nov. 5, Yale University President Peter Salovey admitted to students of color, “We failed you … I think we have to be a better...


In Defense of Useless Degrees

When I chose to attend a small liberal arts college for my undergraduate education, I heard many criticisms about liberal arts degrees. Some believed my degree would too broad...


May I Kiss You?

It’s strange to be in Totem Park Ballroom for the first time in over two years. The reason I’m back is to see a presentation called “Can I Kiss...

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An Intro & Acknowledgement to Place

shé:kon sewakwé:kon! hi everyone! When I answered a call out to be a blogger for the Graduate Student Society (GSS) here at UBC last fall during my first semester...