Off and on-campus housing for UBC students has the lowest rental vacancy rate in Canada. Tell us about your struggle to find peace of mind in this broken market.

Your story can make a difference

Your Story – the story of UBC graduate student – has the power to move hearts and minds. It can drive the construction of new student housing on and around campus. It can enable the construction of higher density housing and it can bring peace of mind to graduate students at UBC for years to come. The Graduate Student Society (GSS) of UBC Vancouver is run by and for students. We know that the experience of and challenges faced by fellow graduate students are often forgotten.

My Housing Story is an initiative run by the GSS at where your voice can be heard, where graduate students can tell their story about their experiences fighting for space at UBC and in the Vancouver community.

How to Tell Your Story

UBC graduate students can share their stories in one of the ways below:

* Send an Email
* Book a one-on-one confidential meetings
* Post a “PostSecrets” postcard
* Create a Video

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"Enabling campuses to self finance the building of new student housing will help students find housing, and help municipalities address the shortage of rental housing for all members of our communities."

— Fred Haynes, Councillor of District of Saanich Council

"They can’t find off-campus housing and so they’re coming to us and we’re unable to help them because we’re already full for the fall semester."

— Tracey Mason-Innes, Director SFU Residence & Housing

"Finding a place to live shouldn’t be a barrier to education in BC. We need to get student housing built."

— MLA John Horgan

How to Tell Your Story

Sharing your stories of struggling to find a place to live in Vancouver is the first step to engaging fellow graduate students and starting a dialogue on how we can improve student life.

There are many ways...


Your story will be redacted and your information will only be used as part of aggregated data in a final report; no specific reference to the story you tell will be shared outside the GSS.

However, if you are willing to have the anonymized information, or portions of the information you provided, shared in a public report please read and fill out the informed consent form.

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Book a private one-on-one meeting with your GSS VP External Relations; or email your written story, 'post secrets' postcard, or video: